Accident Statistics – Proof That Everyone Needs An Auto Lawyer

auto accidents in mississippi With the economy falling on hard times, many people are cutting expenditures in any way they can, including skimping on coverage for their car insurance. While it’s understandable that people must do what they can to put food on the table for their families and survive, many are making a horrible mistake – driving without auto insurance.

Mississippi law states that if you operate a motor vehicle in the state, you must purchase automobile insurance. Mississippi’s minimum coverage of insurance is $10,000 personal injury protection (PIP) and $10,000 property damage liability (PDL).

Driving without auto insurance in the state of Mississippi is illegal. If you do not purchase auto insurance under the guidelines mentioned above, your drivers’ license can be revoked for up to three years.

If the legal consequences of driving without auto insurance don’t compel you to purchase car insurance, then perhaps these recent car accident statistics, provided by the Mississippi Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, will.

In 2010 there were 17,480 traffic accidents in Hinds County, which encompasses Raymond, Clinton, Utica, Byram, Terry, Edwards, Bolton, and Learned. In 2009, in the city of Jackson only, there were 6,788 car accidents. Alcohol was involved in 7% of them (480).

In 2009, Harrison County, which encircles Gulfport, Biloxi, Pass Christian, Long Beach, D’Iberville, had 13,669 accidents.Mississippi car wreck

The city of Meridian is third in statewide traffic accidents, behind Madison and Jackson. This makes car insurance rates higher in some cities than others in Mississippi. It also puts you at a tremendous risk should you opt to drive without car insurance and then be involved in an accident. The scary thing is – one in seven people throughout the country don’t have car insurance. In some states, it’s indeed as high as one in four!

If you’re involved in a car accident and do not have auto insurance, the consequences can be devastating physically and financially. You should speak with an auto accident attorney in Jackson, MS right away. You’ll need repairs on your car, or possibly a new one if your vehicle is beyond repair. You could require medical care to cover injuries. Injuries sustained in car accidents can be soft tissue injuries such as whiplash, to more severe ones such as a concussion or broken bones.

If an uninsured motorist hits you, it can be even worse. Considering auto insurance can be relatively cheap compared to the cost of actually purchasing a vehicle, there’s absolutely no reason anyone should be driving without it. Purchasing auto insurance may seem very precautionary and even unnecessary, but it will save you a lot of pain and suffering later on.

How Child Custody Law Works in California

child between parentsChild custody as a legal term is used to describe the practical relationship existing between a child and the parent. This referring to the mutual role played by the two, the parent has the legal duty to care for his or her child and on the other hand the child has the right to make decisions. A child custody lawyer will have a part to play in the custody arrangement involving your child when the need arises. Sometimes a legal divorce exists between two parents and the local parenting plan fails, this calls for the urgent need of a lawyer who will petition the court of law on your behalf for the frequency of visitation and child custody issue.

Divorce Law

In most divorced families, local dialogue on mutual custody of the child often fails. Here each of the parents feels the great urge to take the sole responsibility which results in unclear decisions. A child custody attorney will help by clarifying the divorce agreement which determines with whom and where the child will stay. Where a solution is not found, the court is set to decide.

Your lawyer will be there for your sake; here a good stream of useful and necessary reasons that will satisfy the court will determine the rightful custodial parent. The custodial parent will have the legal right to choose what is best for the child; from the child’s welfare, lifestyle to education life- all will be upon the custodial parent’s solid decision. In most cases, both parents earn the duty to care for the child and share the responsibility.

What to Consider When Choosing a Child Custody Lawyer

mother hugging sonIf your intention is to get the child ownership back either completely or by sharing the parental responsibility, then you must choose a lawyer experienced in the field. Some lawyers may lack the basics in this field but has the double greed just to have the fee. Be keen enough to negotiate with your lawyer and get the very assurance you expected.

A child custody attorney in long beach CA once said, “Children are too precious to leave things to chance. Family lawyers exist to guide parents through the legal process keeping in mind the end result being the best possible outcome for the family and the children.”

Look for a lawyer you will not have troubles locating, not that busy or too idle to work on your case. A reliable and honest lawyer is far much recommended since you will not develop the fears of poor representation which rarely happens. A child custody lawyer who feels what you really desire will guarantee the best service enough to solve your child custody case.

Having your child custody case solved to your fair and just expectations has not been that easy without the premium effort of a qualified lawyer experienced in this legal field.

How a Car Accident Lawyer Guards Your Legal Rights

cars in a collisionFolks can rely on the car accident law to help them in trying to get aid for any personal injury caused by a car accident. Given that mishaps take place quite frequently, the car accident law makes it possible for men and women to bring charges against those that caused the particular accident. A car accident could potentially cause a lot of injuries, and it is good for folks to know that they can use the car accident law for any considerations related to that.

The car accident law is to protect the freedoms of men and women any time such mishaps take place and gives you a guide on how one should act when confronted with a situation such as a car accident. The car accident cases that may be settled by insurance companies might be quite limited. Car accident law works just as well for those who don’t have insurance.

“Auto accidents are time sensitive, meaning that it is important to contact a local attorney right away. Even before talking to your insurance company.” – Nashville Accident Attorney

Individuals should follow the car accident law stating that a fair amount of information and facts is going to be taken about the scene of an auto accident. Drivers who were affected with the car accident should get the specifics of the other party’s contact information as well as their car’s details and insurance. People who become involved in a car accident, be it as a witness or the driver ought to follow the law and never depart from the location of the incident unless of course allowed by law enforcement officers.

accident attorneyDrivers need to remember that witnesses are valuable when auto accidents occur, and they are as important as the actual officials that may have helped. According to the car accident law, anyone who might be involved in a car accident – especially when it was not his or her wrongdoing – can take legal action against the other party at fault.

A car accident will at all times be caused by someone and the individual who did not cause the accident will usually possess the stronger court case between the 2. After the accident, a person may only file claims during the stated period allowed by the car accident law. Different claims can be made, so it’s not unusual to see men and women seeking damages for loss of income.


Car accident laws require being rewritten to accommodate self-driving cars on public roads. It is still to resolve whether the fault is placed on the person inside the car or the manufacturer. The focus must be changed from the human driver to the car. These changes require to be incorporated soon.

Top 3 Things to Consider when Selecting a Lawyer for Business Law Advice

A commonly held misconception among small business owners is that only major organizations and corporations require the services of a business law attorney. Contrary to this notion, procuring the services of a business law firm offers small as well as large business owners numerous benefits that work to ensure their future success. Unlike other typical business challenges, those related to law issues are noted to have the most adverse effect on business profitability and continued success.

Best Tips for Selecting a Lawyer for Business Law Advice

The benefits that small business owners, as well as individuals who wish to form a business, arise from the fact that business law attorneys possess the professional capability to address various legal concerns that all businesses commonly encounter. As such, individuals falling in these categories guard their businesses by seeking the services offered by a business law attorney in order to obtain all the relevant legal advice that will work to overcome business related legal challenges, or improve their business’s present and future success.

Things to Consider when Selecting a Lawyer for Business Law Advice

Small business owners, as well as individuals wishing to form small businesses, can greatly benefit from the experience-based expertise offered by business law attorneys. As such, the things to consider when selecting a lawyer for business advice should factor in the attorney’s capability to offer expert services on matters concerning:

-business formation
-business litigation
-tax planning
-corporate agreements
-business planning
-small business law
-selling and buying a business
-acquisitions, mergers, and divestitures

Attorneys Ability to Offer Advice on Business Formation

As an important factor among the things to consider when selecting a lawyer for business law advice purposes is his/her ability to assist those who wish to start small businesses by offering legal advice that provides insight into the best type of business ventures to engage in based on their preferences and needs. Therefore, the business law attorney should offer services that relate to business formation include the drafting of partnership, stakeholder, and operating agreements, the creation of organizational principles that are compliant with corporate governance and small business law, and the provision of legal advice on one’s business succession planning.

Succession Planning Services

Succession planning services offered by business attorneys are particularly vital for business success because the lawyer can easily locate and identify any potential business successors. As such, the business law attorney one selects should be able to develop and provide business owners who have partnership agreements with an alternative plan that will effectively ensure that their business will not fail should their business partner disengage from their joint venture.

Experience in Litigation Processes

With regard to litigation processes, one should select a lawyer that possesses at least three to five years of legal experience in the business litigation process. This will ensure that he/she will work to provide you with the best professional assistance that effectively eliminates court processed litigations, by settling any legal issues outside the courts. Moreover, in cases where court trials are inevitable, small business owners can benefit from the experiential skill and knowledge offered by experienced business law attorneys because they can get professional assistance during the common, yet complicated, process of electronic discovery to ensure that one’s company prevails in the litigation courts process.

By making an allowance for the above-mentioned things to factor in during the process of selecting a lawyer for business law advice, all small business legal concerns that may arise during or after the formation of a business can be expertly addressed to eliminate any legal liabilities a business may face in the future, and thus, forms the foundation for business success.